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UNIGIS in the Americas

for the Spanish-speaking GIS community

UNIGIS in the Americas

This is our special offer for all GI-professionals in the US, Canada and the other countries in the Americas who would like to join our Spanish speaking UNIGIS learning community between Alaska and Patagonia and all around the world!

MSc and Professional Certificate

UNIGIS Latin America is a network of excellent universities that has become the leading network for offering postgraduate GIS distance education in Spanish language throughout the Americas. UNIGIS Latin America offers an MSc and a Professional Certificate program for Geographic Information Systems and Science awarded by the University of Salzburg in Austria, meeting the highest academic quality standards for distance education set by the European Union.

Since 1999, more than 1000 students have joined and graduated from our programs. Our international teaching staff from universities and the GI industry will help you to gain an in-depth understanding of concepts and GIS methods, and how to successfully apply them in order to solve real world problems as GI-professionals. With more than 25 years of experience in GIS distance education, we will be happy to guide you discovering the fascinating world of Geographic Information Systems at reasonable costs.


Our academic courses are offered completely in Spanish. However, if you feel more comfortable in English academic writing, you can hand in your assignments as well as your Master Thesis in English and receive immediate feedback.


UNIGIS is a member of the world’s leading GI-associations such as USGIS, GSDI and ICA that set the international standards for GIS education. The UNIGIS distance learning programs qualify you to apply and successfully pass the GISP certification process. Our administrative staff will help guide you through the process of certification of your UNIGIS degree in your country of residence.

Join the ever growing community of GIS-Professionals in Latin America with a certified MSc/certificate programme that meets the highest academic quality standards for GI-distance education!

For further information please contact:

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Pablo F. Cabrera

UNIGIS Americas Coordinator
+1 (916) 495-4025
Redlands, USA